James Michael Ryder is a dedicated student and teacher of hatha yoga and insight meditation. These potent technologies can restore us to native embodied wisdom and an undefended heart. Yoga provides excellent tools (awareness practices, postures, extended breath, cleansing, energetic bonds, concentration and meditation) to refine attention, body and breath and, ultimately, the qualities of mind. As we grow steady, even faced with difficulties, we begin to recognize the filters that obscure clear-seeing of self and the world around us. This freedom, then, is the essential fruit of all yogic practice.

James’ training includes a comprehensive two-year, 500-hour program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute, San Francisco, and regular residential meditation retreats. He is a graduate of the 18-month Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation teacher training offered by the Spirit Rock Center. James worked professionally as an actor and improviser which lends his teaching precision, playful curiosity and a love for evocative language.



(510) 704-1351