Corporate and On-site Programs

These programs provide yoga and meditation courses tailored to support your team's well-being, engagement and effectiveness.  The myriad documented physical and mental benefits make these weekly courses an excellent choice to support your most valued asset, your employees. 

Benefits of Yoga

  • Increases flexibility, range of motion, and strength, and thus reduces injuries and related lost-time expenses (Mayo Clinic)
  • Reduces physical and mental stress and anxiety, elevates mood and supports quality sleep (Mayo Clinic)
  • Boosts vitality, confidence and self-esteem

Benefits of Meditation

  • Professionals trained in mindfulness meditation became better listeners and less judgmental at home and work (Huffington Post )
  • Reduces fatigue; supports stable mood and functioning (Huffington Post )
  • Modulates stress, which in turn reduces the body's stress response: for example, heart rate and blood pressure are lowered (Harvard Medical School )
  • Enhances concentration, memory, creativity and engagement

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Program Description

We provide once or twice weekly courses in 8-week blocks.  Conference rooms or open offices with space to roll out mats can function well as venues for classes.  Mornings prior to the workday, or evenings just after close of business can be arranged, whichever best serves the staff.  Yoga postures, simple techniques with breath and mindfulness practices are included.  These modalites complement one another perfectly, and can be adjusted for any level of experience.  Contact us today to create a program that will enable the best in your hardworking work force.   

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