Hariharapura Temple

Panchakarma Salon "Notes from the Ashram”

March 20, Sunday 6-8pm Ojas Yoga Center

December of last year I traveled to a south Indian ayurvedic center for 5 weeks to receive panchakarma (‘5 actions’) treatment. PK is a deep cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness. Ayurveda is a system kindred to yoga; and the two are often described as sisters. I am hosting this ‘salon’ to share the essence of this experience, not only to support continued integration within myself but also as a way to report back to my people. That’s you! In all true journeys there is a descent, a return and a telling of the story!

My desire is that this evening will be most like a conversation. I’ll give an informal overview of PK and some of the treatments (massage, steam, herbs, purging, vegetarian foods, etc.) I received, and share images from the ashram and the surrounding village of Hariharapura. There will be time for discussion, questions and socializing. Simple snacks (not dinner) and Indian chai will be on hand. There is no charge though donations will be accepted.

You are warmly invited to join us!

Past workshops


June 28, Sunday 3:30-6pm Ojas Yoga Center


Today begins where a typical yoga class leaves off...

Consider “Breath, Energy and Grace” a map charting the way to the internal yogic arts. Breath and meditation practices enable relief from fear and anxiety, lend insight into root causes, and foster a loving heart. In the desire for health and happiness, I trust I am not alone.

These time-tested practices are accessible and effective allies in the quest for fulfillment that is common to us all. Pranayama (yoga of breath) in classical yoga serves as the threshold to the inner landscape. We will use select physical postures and mudras (gestures or seals) to awaken steady energy and to settle mind. Elegant support from the breath will then orient us naturally toward extended, conscious meditative states. 

All experience levels are warmly welcomed! Join us for clear guidance, warm community and the deep solace of a joyful shared practice!

For questions about workshop content, please contact instructor James Ryder: (510) 704-1351 or email



November 2, Sunday 2-5pm Ojas Yoga Center


James Ryder E-RYT 500 & Audra Lehman MD

‘Calcium and weight bearing’…OK, now what!?

Many of us believe our bones are static, strong and self-sufficient. After all, bones give us the shape and scaffold that allows us to move through the world!  So fundamental and yet so soon forgotten!  ‘Our bones,’ we think, ‘do not change.’ In truth, the dynamic demolition and re-building of our internal framework is perpetual! A range of elements (nutrients, work and rest, isolation and relationship) governs the shifting balance of growth with elimination. Using the vantage point of western medicine, and expanded by wisdom from Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we will explode the talking point of ‘Calcium and weight-bearing exercise’.  Our inquiry will move easily among pragmatic talk, embodied yoga and meditation practices and whole foods remembered as the primary medicine.  Our personal choices directly foster or limit the balance, strength and grace we each experience. James Ryder, E-RYT-500 and Audra Lehman, M.D. are delighted to share information and experience, answer participant questions, and offer potent practices from the realms of yoga and food in support of our fullest vitality and health. 

In this workshop you can expect to:

Ø Learn that bone is living and dynamic in discussing essential bone physiology and function

Ø Consider the core views of Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) and Traditional Chinese Medicine relative to bone tissue.

Ø Move from ideas to embodied experience with yoga posture and breath practices

Ø Explore your questions about bones, food and yoga

Ø Take home bone-health promoting food ideas and recipes to support changes in diet that may suit you

In this workshop you can expect to:

  • Learn that bone is living and dynamic in discussing essential bone physiology and function
  • Consider the core views of Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) and Traditional Chinese Medicine relative to bone tissue.
  • Move from ideas to embodied experience through posture and breath practices
  • Explore your questions about bones, food and yoga
  • Take home bone-health promoting practices, food suggestions and recipes to support changes in diet that may suit you

Fee: $60 if paid in full by Oct. 20, $75 thereafter


Information: (510) 704-1351


To register:

1/23-2/20, Wednesdays 7:15-8:45pm,  
Inner Stellar Yoga, 2800 Adeline Street, Berkeley CA 94703
$120 for the five week series or just $100 early bird by Jan 14th!

This class, designed specifically for men by Hatha Yoga Teacher James Ryder, will use the essential yogic tools of posture and breath to help you tap into your strengths and meet limits with grace. Join us for this friendly, focused and inclusive series of classes, open to ALL levels of male students, from beginner to advanced!

In this 5-class yoga series you will…

- learn yoga postures that express our native strengths
- safely practice postures that carry us to the edge of balance and perceived limitations.
- give and receive support in partner practice
- experience a more subtle attention using yogic breath
- open to deeper awareness and connection with ourselves within the community of men that we create


December 3, 2011, Hatha Yoga Shala East Bay, 2050 4th st. Berkeley, CA

Lord Siva cast a lock of his own hair to the ground and up sprang Virabhadra, an invincible deity general to vindicate the terrible wrong done to Siva.  What is the essence embodied and expressed through the warrior postures?  In our own practice can we use this essence to foster unshakeable roots, graceful expression and a watchful, still mind?  The myth of Virabhadra animates the Warrior postures of Ha-tha yoga. This three-hour workshop, led James Ryder and Sean Feit, will tap into the stream of a few such vibrant stories to experience their qualities and iconic inspiration. In a weave of stories, music, images and invigorating yet accessible asana sequences, we will ask what these mythical tales offer us today.  All are welcome.


Sunday April 11th, 3-6pm at Park Boulevard Yoga Studio


In Shape City Health Club, Emeryville, CA

Saturday November 7th, 1-3 p.m.

co-taught with Ken Breniman


Saturday May 30th, 1pm-3pm

In Shape City Health Club, Emeryville, CA

co-taught with Ken Breniman

(510) 704-1351